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Sonic 4 USB Audio Interface

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Sonic 4 USB Audio Interface

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Superstereo Sonic 4 Audiophile USB Audio Interface

4 Channels of high quality playback. Great for use with Ableton / Traktor / Dex / DJ Pro

DJ's portable alternative to a studio production USB device.

USB soundcard that simply offers DJs high quality output options from their laptop for use with their DJ setups, and isn’t aligned with one particular manufacturer’s software.

Superstereo Sonic 4 Features:
Up to 32 bit 192kHz audio with servo balanced outputs
Audiophile grade USB interface found in the world best converters.
4 Channels of high quality playback. Great for Ableton/Traktor/Dex/DJ Pro
High quality Burr Brown converters with 112db SNR & Dynamic range
Ultra Low noise/distortion pre-amps @0.01% with 15dBu headroom
Powerful HiFi headphone amp - 250 mW into 32ohms with select switch
Balanced or unbalanced output on TRS jack +15db maximum output
Rugged Aluminium case
Twin Led meters

'In a nutshell, the card sounds very good. We have to say the Sonic 4 delivers a near neutral sound reproduction; there was very little obvious colouring on the low, mid and high frequencies, the sound field was very tight. It’s obvious that Superstereo wanted the audio reproduction to be true and not be hyped to create a false sound image. It’s a great card to have at hand for excellent quality audio delivery' - DJ Mag

Superstereo Sonic 4 Technical Specifications
USB & DACS: 24/32bit 192kHz Burr brown DACs x 2
Dynamic range 112db
SNR 112db. THD+N @ -1dBFs -93 db
Low latency 3.0 ms 44.1k-96k
8 x oversampling. Sample rates 8khz to 384khz
Bit rate up to 32bit. (Mac) – 8khz – 192khz, up to 24bit (PC WASAPI)
Channel separation 48Khz – 192Khz – @110 db.
SNR – 116db
Sonic 4 USB Audio Interface rear panel Headphone amp 16 ohm to 300 ohm - Max output 250mw into 16 ohm / 110mw into 300 ohm
Crosstalk -112db.
SNR 128db -32ohm. THD @ 32ohm, f=1k @ 150mw – 101 db
Power: 5v DC from supplied mains adapter
Universal power adapter 90v – 250v ac
Weight: 700g (excluding power adapter)
Dimensions: 200 mm x 30 mm x 100 mm

Audio interface specifically designed for DJs. Alternative to Native Instruments A6 or Audio 2, Rane SL4 Serato and Denon DS-1.

Rating: 5 Rating: 5

Super Stereo Sonic 4 USB Audio Interface -

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