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Noise Control


AVC2 - 75 Noise Limiter

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AVC2 - 75 Noise Limiter

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Intelligent stereo automatic volume control - sound limiter unit. Provides system protection without reducing dynamic range.

PLEASE NOTE: This product is usually only suitable when the sound system is permanently installed in the venue. For venues where DJs or bands use their own equipment the Sentry Noise Limiter (click here for details) is required.

Delivery usually 1-2 working days.

In response to noise level regulations and demands from the trade for a level control unit which will work with any audio system, Formula Sound have designed the AVC2.

The Formula Sound AVC2 performs as an intelligent volume control and in operation is very simple. If the average operating level is kept below the internally set threshold, the AVC2 has no effect. If the average programme level exceeds the threshold the unit will reduce its output level. The level is reduced in discreet steps indicated by the LED bargraph meter on the front panel of the unit. The action of the Formula Sound AVC2 is to fade between these steps and is almost undetectable in use. The more one tries to increase the volume, the more the AVC2 will decrease it so that the system will barely change in perceived level. If driven to maximum attenuation, the output level will be reduced by more than the increase in input level. The mixer or pre amp feeding the AVC2 will probably be clipping, but the system will actually be at a lower than normal level. A clip indicator is provided to show when the input stage of the AVC2 is being over driven. Reducing the input level will gently release the attenuation provided by the AVC2.

The advantages which the Formula Sound AVC2 offers over other types of limiter are:
There is no reduction in the dynamic range of the system under normal operating conditions, therefore, the music remains punchy without the restricted sound of conventional compressor/ limiters.
Compressors/limiters are a recording studio tool designed to restrict the dynamic range of a music signal, usually to make it easier to control and mix etc., vocals being a prime example.
They usually have an array of controls to set attack and release times, threshold and compression ratios, all very necessary in the recording studio to cope with the changing demands of different sessions.
When set-up correctly they can prevent system damage from over driving but will always restrict dynamics and not sound particularly musical.
So why use them in music systems?

The answer is that until now installers had little option. There was virtually nothing else available to do the job other than units which shut the system down or off, if a predetermined level was exceeded. The AVC2 changes this.

The Formula Sound AVC2 has no external controls for the operator to worry about which also means that tampering is minimised. A bar graph meter informs he operator how much level the unit is holding.

An anti-tamper relay is fitted which can be connected to an external switch to improve system security.

The unit has provision to connect to an external time switch (not supplied) to switch between two output levels.

An external remote warning indicator may be connected to warn the operator that the operating level is 3dB away from the threshold at which the AVC2 will start to control level.

Download AVC2 Users Instruction Manual

Rating: 4.4 Rating: 4.4

Formula Sound AVC2 - 75 Noise Limiter -

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