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ZMR-80 Modular Zoner

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ZMR-80 Modular Zoner

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We guarantee the lowest prices on Formula Sound products. In the unlikely event that you find the ZMR80 Modular Zoner at a cheaper price elsewhere let us know and we guarantee to beat it.

4 Inputs and 6 Outputs - Model no. 8023 (other configurations available - please call our sales department for the best price).

ZMR 80 Features
The ZMR 80 is a modular Zoner made up of a chassis with power supply and up to 10 modules, up to 4 of which may be twin input modules and up to 6 of which may be twin output modules. There is also a paging option which allows paging to any selected zones or all zones, paging selection may be from front panel or remote microphone.

Remote panel option allow source selection and volume control in any or all Zones via passive remote panels, a USB interface is in development.

The twin input modules are switchable to accept either stereo line inputs or microphone inputs (balanced or unbalanced) on XLR or phono connectors. Each twin channel has gain trims, two band equalisation (HF and LF) and channel volume control.

The twin output modules provide either stereo or mono operation on each balanced output (outputs can be strapped unbalanced with no degradation in performance), each output having two band equalisation (HF and LF), source selection and volume control. Volume and source selection may also be controlled by a remote panels that connect to the rear of the module.

Housed in a 19 inch chassis of 4RU height the modular constuction allows the Zoner to be tailored to any requirement for 2-8 inputs and 4-12 zones, unused position can be fitted with modules at a later date if required.

Other features
On the front panel is a Volume control plus recessed gain trim and two band EQ for each channel. A clip indicator LED indicates excessively high input level. A priority input is provided on the rear of the power supply module allowing the system to be muted by for example a fire alarm signal and an emergency annouucement to be made in all Zones.

A paging option is also available.

The modular design of the ZMR 80 provides the ability to configure the Zoner to suit most requirements.

Starting with the chassis and power supply module the Zoner is built to the required configuration by fitting input and output modules, with blanks in any unused position. So for example a 6 input and 10 Zone ZMR 80 is fitted with 3 dual input modules and 5 dual output modules with 2 blanks filling the spare slots. Phantom power is available for Mic inputs. the power supply module with a combined paging/power supply.

OUTPUT Modules
Paging can be to any or all Zones with this option. Each output module carries two outputs or Zones with a maximum 6 modules providing the maximum 12 Zones.

Outputs are balanced stereo (or mono) that may be strapped unbalanced with no degradation in performance. Two band EO is provided on each output. Source (input) selection and volume control is either by front panel or remote panel for each Zone. Remote panels (standard light switch size) may be fitted to some or all zones.

INPUT Modules
Each input module will carry two of the maximum eight inputs.

The two inputs may be Mic (or mono) on XLR or Line (stereo) on phono, balanced stereo uses both XLR's and the second input is then a line input on phono sockets.

Input selection is by recessed dual function switch. This allows selction of line input on Phono, balanced stereo on XLR's or Mono/Mic on XLR. Four Mono/Mic positions give selection of different gains.

The eight inputs can consist of up to 4 stereo inputs and 4 mono inputs. A 6 stereo input version is available. A voice over facility enables the first channel on a module to dim the second channel and take priority so for example music on the second channel would fade down when speaking on a mic on the first channel, the music fades up again when speech stops.

Applications using the voice over allows an increase in the number of input modules to 5 or with 4 or more voice over enabled a maximum of 6.

When "Remote Panel" is selected on the front panel a green LED illuminates and control of volume and source passes to the remote panel. A flashing green LED indicates that no remote panel is connected.

Download ZMR-80 Users Instruction Manual

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